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Grinding Gear Games draws on various inspirations from various leagues in Path of Exile. Although the previous Harvest update got some clues from Stardew Valley, Pokemon and earlier Flash games have affected other games in the past. However, the idea behind the recent POE alliance came from Robbing Steven Soderberg's "Ocean 11" movie.

GGG co-founder Chris Wilson told us that he and the studio’s technical director Jonathan Rogers are considering the subject of an upcoming expansion plan in February. In trouble, they turned to Netflix. "We watched a racing movie, think about it, can we make a league for this?" Wilson recalled. "We seriously discussed the vehicle you want to build, the meaning of Path of Exile, and how it works, but we didn't succeed. In the end, we entered Ocean 11 or other robbery movies on the list and thought it was cool.

When we see that the new update is underway, we can immediately see the inspiration announced by Wilson. The next alliance in Path of Exile will take you to Rogue Harbor to recruit a group of thieves. After solving some problems, you can plan and carry out a robbery. Every thief can lend you his POE Currency.

After arriving at the robbery location, you must try to sneak in the protected facility without causing any commotion. However, these robberies can't be done in sneak, because when you finally grab the treasure, everyone will realize your existence.

If you pull the robbery away, you can trade the artifacts looted in Rogue Harbor for payment, and then carry out a big robbery. As you can imagine, this is like a typical robbery, but with many difficulties, but it can bring greater returns.

Wilson also told us that the heist update was originally planned for June, but was later postponed to the scope of the update and the challenges faced by game development during the lock-in period. In any case, the Robbery Alliance is scheduled to go live on September 18, so you can scam it.

The new POE update also features 13 new NPCs, trinkets, spare quality gems, replicas of unique items and tried basic types. There are also some new items, spells, curses, steel skills, and redoing of multiple game areas. If you want to be able to reach the best state without any effort in the game, then you must Buy POE Orbs, you will have a pleasant surprise.

We also talked to Wilson about the progress of "Path of Exile 2" and the thought process after the studio released the beta version. In short, Wilson admitted that the studio can do something right away, but ultimately explained that when the studio is better for them, they are more willing to do so.

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