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When a newborn needs something, they need it immediately, but with COVID-19 restrictions, slow mail service and limited products on the shelves locally, it can sometimes be a challenge to meet those needs. As a mother and a grandmother, Charmaine Daley knows just how frustrating that can be and has now expanded her Lady C handmade jewelry business to include a full line of babyhttps://www.kaydora.com/ products in the newly opened Lady C and Mini Me on St. Croix.

Born and raised on St. Croix, Daley graduated from Central High School and attended the University of Tampa to study social work before returning to St. Croix in 1990. In 2009, she earned her master’s degree in criminal justice online, graduating summa cum laude. She is currently the chief probation officer for the Virgin Islands.

“If you don’t take a chance on you, then you’ll never succeed. I’m a planner and I never plan to fail. I plan to succeed,” Daley said. “I started in this business because as a government worker, you put in your 30 years and retire, but I would have been too young to retire at that point. It was kind of me planning for retirement when I started Lady C Designs VI, making beaded jewelry. Then it grew from that to handmade wire jewelry and then sterling silver and gold-filled.”

Initially, Daley began to sell her jewelry as an itinerant vendor in 2013. Sunshine Mall allowed her to set up a table on the weekends and at one point in time, she was selling out of her home after Hurricane Maria destroyed the mall.

She did finally get a storefront two years ago, but moved to the new location in Estate Mountain to expand to include the baby https://www.kaydora.com/products/store. A soft opening was held Sept. 8 and the grand opening is set for Sunday. Her eldest daughter, Laurel, is the store manager.

“Last year, we started talking about expanding and started doing our market research,” Daley said. “We realized there really wasn’t a good place to buy baby items on island. There are not a lot of options. Even when my eldest daughter had her son, I basically ordered and brought everything in, so I knew that the need was there,” said Daley.

It took a lot longer than Daley had hoped.

They had to do an extensive build out because there was no electricity, no bathroom and no air conditioning. They had hoped to open Sept. 1, but because the landlord had subdivided the structure, DPNR didn’t have a plan for it, so tenants had to submit their own plans. DPNR is only open two days a week because of COVID-19, which made permits that much harder to get.

They had vacated their old location July 31 so, although they had merchandise, they couldn’t open the store. Because Daley had both her retail license and her itinerant vendor license, they were able to sell from under a tent to keep the business going.

The store, which still features Daley’s jewelry as well, carries everything you might need for a newborn child up to age 2. Customers have already requested that they expand even more to accommodate the needs of children a little older, an expansion that Daley will be thinking about for next year.

“I live here and I want to see St. Croix prosper,” she said. “When you turn around and there isn’t a service here that people need, it’s disheartening. We talk about people shopping online and not spending local, but when you don’t have the products local, then we’re going to look elsewhere.

“Just this weekend, we had someone who had just had a baby https://www.kaydora.com/products/but she had no car seat, so she was looking all around for one. Her husband was able to come in and get a car seat so the baby could be discharged from the hospital. If not, that baby would not have been able to come home, so I am glad that we were there.”

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