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JACOB & CO. New Watch 2019

Jacob & Co Astronomy Solar

I am back with the second edition of the Wish List! If not, please read the first edition.jacob and co twin turbo furious baguette price. Again, the purpose of this series of articles is to emphasize those items that I hope money is not something I can buy. As far as this project is concerned, money is definitely not the object. It is an Astronomia Solar watch produced by Jacob & Co. It is very beautiful, delicate and peculiar. I just need to own it. It is one of the cheapest watches in its series!

Astronomical solar is part of the "large and complex masterpiece" series, which has several incredible unique designs! This special watch comes with an 18k rose gold outline case with a thickness of 21mm. For those who are not familiar with clocks and watches, it is absurd and necessary to accommodate the many complexities brought about by this artwork.

There is a citrine in the middle of the dial, which represents the sun. The other three gems represent other planets: amethyst, garnet and smoked quartz. Finally, there is a globe made of rose gold and blue paint. All planets revolve around the sun, which makes your wrist look beautiful. The base of the watch is decorated like the night sky, and the rest of the planets are also painted, rotating once every ten minutes. The swiss watches replica comes with a beautiful blue leather strap.

Indeed, this is a hugely complex event, and it must be one of the most expensive conversation starters ever. To be honest, I don't see myself wearing it often. Maybe a tuxedo and an unhealthy splendor are needed for formal occasions. Other than that, I would be satisfied sitting in a dark room with a glass of wine in my hand, and while I stared at the astronomer Solar Company unabashedly, some Al Green playing in the background.

Jacob & Co. has been particularly fond of the beauty of interstellar movement in recent years. This year, Astronomia Solar has a new member named "Universe". In addition to the central yellow diamond, the flying tourbillon and the globe that can rotate on its own, three groups of gems of different colors have been added, together with the hour and minute dial with twelve constellations as the dial, flying together in the sky. At the same time, the lower dial also engraves the seven planets, and they move in the opposite direction at a slower speed than the upper dial, achieving the most beautiful starry sky scene. The replica luxury watches is made of rose gold and sapphire crystals, with aventurine dials and full pave diamonds.


There have been several brands of roulette game watches, and to connect the game and the chain, you need to count this new work. The brand uses the original Astronomia rotating sky-like tourbillon as the basis, adds a roulette to the dial, and there is a ceramic bead inside. As long as you press the 7:00 position, the roulette will quickly rotate several times, and the turntable also has The rotor function provides kinetic energy for the watch during rotation. Rose gold case, 47mm diameter, equipped with JCAM29A hand-winding movement.

Jacob & Co. EPIC X Chrono "Messi" Limited Edition

EPIC X Chrono has established an important partnership with the legendary football superstar Leo Messi, who is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. The polished grade 5 titanium case is decorated with Messi’s national colors-Argentina blue and white.replica swiss watches

Jacob & Co. EPIC X Chrono is water-resistant to 200 meters, guarantees shock resistance, and offers a limited edition of 180 pieces. The haute horology chronograph displays Messi’s iconic number 10 in red on the flange ring at 6 o’clock, and the stylized M representing its initials on the dial at 6 o’clock, on the blue sapphire back The signature is displayed on the self-winding-compax chronograph movement.

EPIC X Chrono "Messi" marks the beginning of a three-year exclusive watch partnership between the football giant and Jacob & Co., and will be the first of several limited edition designs.replica RICHARD MILLE RM 017